Q&A: What is the facade type that best suits the Parkville?

Dan asks: What is the facade type that best suits the Parkville?

We have the Parkville 23 on display at Casiana Grove in Cranbourne with the Coburn façade. This is a very popular façade option for the Parkville and other houses in our Access range.

Other façade options available for the Parkville 23 include, Thorngate $1,500, Barwon $1,700, Ormond $1,700, Coburn $2,100, Nuvo $4,300 and Burton $5,900.   All Prices correct as at 19 February 2013

You can get a sense of what the other façade options are like by checking out the following display home:-

Casiana Grove estate, Cranbourne

Regatta 23 with the Barwon façade

Cannonvale 21 with Burton façade

Selandra Rise estate, Clyde North

Randwick 24 with the Nuvo façade

Saltwater Coast estate, Point Cook

Livingstone 21 with the Ormond façade

Please Note: The Riviera and Thorngate façade options are not currently on display.

You will need to keep in mind that the windows, front door entry and the projection of the front rooms do change between house types and their façade range. That’s why we recommend everybody who is deciding on a façade option is taken through the construction drawings with a sales consultant. Ultimately, the best façade option is only something you can finally decide on once you’ve done your research.

Hope this helps