Q&A: Where can I get the lights in the Hoffman and can you tell me the measurements used?

Rush asks: Can you pls tell me where can I get the similar lights to the Hoffman the pendant kites in the bedroom and ones on top of the staircase. And can you tell me the ,measurements of the location it's fixed. As we are building a Hoffman and want have the same lights near the staircase

Hi Rush, we really need to know which display centre you are referring to as we have a few Hoffman homes on display throughout Melbourne. Just on the question of  measurements, we have electricians hang and adjust our lights to suit each particular space; it’s very much a case of what looks right in that specific area, so we're unable to give you exact measurements . If you let us know which Hoffman you saw the pendant lights in we should be able to advise who supplied them.

Cheers, PD