Q&A: Could you give me some information on refrigerated cooling installation in a Waldorf 48?

KRK asks:  We are looking to build the Waldorf 48. We are interested in getting refrigerated cooling but are after an 8 zone Daikin system instead of the Brivis system provided by PD. I have spoken to some external air-conditioning companies that have advised that they would need to access the building site during construction as there is a lot of equipment which would need to be installed prior to the installation of the plaster. My questions are: - Is this possible? - If so, can I get it stated in my contract? - If not, can PD provide the Daikin system I am after? - If not, what is the way around it?


Thanks for your question.

We can definitely look into eight zone unit options for your house and get this completed during construction. This means you won’t need to find an external provider and do the work after the house is built, which may have an impact on the finish of your home. If you would like the unit to be included in your quote, please ask your sales consultant. Your sales consultant will get in touch with the sales estimator in their local office to source options to present back to you for consideration.

Hope this helps.