Q&A: Could you please give me some colour information on the Bristol at Taylors Hill?

Nat asks: Could you please tell me all external and the kitchen bench-top and cabinet colours used on the Bristol at Taylors Hill?

Hi Nat,

Please see the responses to your question below:-

Bristol @ Taylors Hill, featuring the British Empire World Of Style

BricksAusteal ‘Zinc’ Category 8
Gutter/Facia/DownpipesC/B Windspray
RenderSilkwort (facades and sides)
Render #2Grey Pebble ½ strength (Front Awning)
Kitchen Bench-topCeasarstone Jet Black*
Kitchen Cabinet DoorsLaminex Vinyl Wrap ‘Sarsen Grey’
Kitchen Overhead CabinetsLaminex designed Timber Veneer ‘Como Rigato ¼ cut’

*We are no longer supplied by Ceasarstone, you would need to select from the Essa stone range. Either ‘Galileo’ or ‘Black truffle’ would be comparable.

Hope this helps