Display home quality window dressings

Choosing or replacing window furnishings is not a task you do regularly or want to get wrong, so take a walk through our displays to see how the experts enhance every space with the right window covering choices.

(Master Bedroom – Drysdale 30 as displayed at Berwick Waters Estate)

There’s more to window coverings than the humble venetian blind or daggy curtain, in fact one of our PD Rewards window coverings partners, Kreative Design, believes that attractive window style is all about considered and creative selections.

No longer just about one blind type throughout or pelmets to every door and window, you’ll notice we use a diverse mix of blinds, drapes, curtains and screens to get the perfect window style balance within our displays.

Kreative Design supply and install each and every window covering throughout our entire display home network and here they talk us through the most popular options.

Roman Blinds 

Seeking a traditional look? Roman Blinds are one of the most popular styles available because they can provide your interior with a neat and affordable dressing that will compliment any interior design. Typically, Roman Blinds are used to enhance privacy and energy efficiency with blackout fabrics but with light filtering or translucent fabrics available, they are versatile and can be used in any room. Roman Blinds can transform a window into a piece of art, while helping you to control privacy, light and save on energy consumption. Roman blinds really suit living areas and lounge rooms, especially as they can be tailor made to fit bi-fold doors or spanning glass features. They are also popular in bedrooms to achieve a high level of light and privacy control.

(Bedroom – Drysdale 30 as displayed at Berwick Waters Estate)

Decorative Roller Blinds with Timber Fascia and Header

Roller blinds offer style and convenience with the versatility to position your blinds at exactly the required level to achieve the desired level of light and privacy. Blackout or translucent materials can be used to compliment any interior design requirements and they are a practical and popular choice in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

(Kitchen – Hoffman 39 as displayed at Berwick Waters Estate)

Sheer Drapes

Is your room in need of a lift? With a myriad of colours, patterns and textures to suit all styles of decor, Sheer Drapes can provide an element of extra warmth and inviting appeal. Sheer layers as window treatments can also provide privacy and energy efficiency, while still preserving the aesthetics of your window and view. They are a popular selection in master bedrooms and parent’s retreats, as well as guest bedrooms, formal lounge areas and home theatres.

(Theatre – Canterbury 29 as displayed at Berwick Waters Estate)

Laser Cut Screens

Laser Cut Screens allow you to add extra dimension, colour and design to any space where you want to achieve a ‘wow’ factor. With laser cutting technology, your designs can be created to suit all spaces within your home, complimenting your windows or providing an alternative option to a door, wall or window. Laser Cut Screens can also boost privacy outdoors and help to seamlessly zone the home inside, creating a sense of space and style. In the Hoffman on display at Aspire, you can see we have used a Laser Cut Screen to section the lounge room, while still allowing natural light to flood into the centre of the house.

(Living area – Hoffman 39 as displayed at Aspire Estate)

Kreative Design is proudly Australian owned and all products are manufactured locally. Chat to the team at to receive a free, no-obligation measure and quote and make sure you mention your PD Rewards membership to receive privilege pricing. Call 0413 731 383 or email kreative@optusnet.com.au.