Q&A: Can we get an estimate on building on a sloping block before we pay a deposit?

Nic asks: We are interested in building the Dundedin 31 split level, however we have a sloping block. Is there a way we can get an estimate on the site cost before we proceed with putting down a deposit. We already have a site survey and soil report for our land.

Hi Nic,

Thanks for your question.  Unfortunately it’s difficult to estimate site costs without knowing some of the finer details about your block.  Generally, any block of land with more than about 1m of fall or slope can start acquiring additional costs.  But there are many other things to also consider when building a new house on a sloping block, such as the condition of the land, what kind of ground you would be building on, easements plus many other factors that can come in to play. In saying all of this, there are sometimes ways to reduce the costs and the fall, such as where the house is actually positioned on the block.

We also have a new split level option available on the Dunedin 31 that works with the lay of your land rather than against it. This option works well with blocks that have up to 3.5m of fall.

But the best thing to do is to organise a site inspection.  Porter Davis does these at no cost to you and are obligation free.  If you’d like to contact us on 1800 PORTER (767 837) we can put you in touch with someone who can get this process started and see if we can safely estimate your site costs.  Hope this helps!