Stunning style on sale at Providence

Looking for some interior style bargains? Then look no further than our Houston display house at Providence, where two houses worth of stunning interior stock must be sold.

We’re always amazed by the interest and turnout to our Coco Republic ex-display home sales but then, it’s probably not that surprising given you get designer quality furniture, professional interior style selections and spectacular pricing.

Yep, two houses worth of interior style including the Houston from the Providence display centre in Greenvale must be cleared on Saturday 5th April and it comes with up to 70% off the retail price.

The sale opens from 9am – 1pm and you can pay onsite and take your goods with you on the day, or organise delivery through Coco Republic for a fee.

Unfortunately we are unable to supply an itemised list or pricing, so if you’re on the hunt for a style bargain, head to the display centre nice and early to get the pick of the pieces.

Have you picked up a Coco Republic bargain at one of our ex-display home sales? Share your story with us!