A completely unbiased blog post about World of Style

Haven’t had the chance to browse through our new World of Style centre yet or getting excited about your upcoming appointment? Read through one client’s impression – a blog post completely unedited, unsolicited and untouched by us! 

In looking through some World of Style feedback online, we came across a blog called Our Sandarah 40, and reading the post on the World of Style space made us all smile so we got permission to share the post here with you!

Let us know what you think of the space?



While we’re in the sit-tight stage of our build (hurry up land & settle already!) we paid a visit to the new World of Style showroom in South Melbourne last weekend.

Oh. My. Lord.

It’s amazing. At first glance we were devastated that we missed being able to do our selections at the new showroom, but a few hours in (yes, you can spend hours here EASILY) we were feeling super happy that we made the right choices for our home.

It is SO different from Hopetoun. The styling is incredible. Seeing different rooms all set up in different styles was fantastic. Seeing the Classic Hamptons dining room all styled beautifully cemented for us that we had made the right styling decision. We are a Classic Hamptons family all the way!

Classic Hamptons dining… so pretty!

Seeing the bathrooms on display was awesome. Being able to view the soaker tub I’d chosen for my ensuite (I say my because that tub is for ME!) was the first thing at the showroom that sent me into a daydream about living in our beautiful home. Here’s just one of the bathroom set-ups….

The kitchen displays are on another level. Not literally, just above & beyond beautiful! No detail left out and everything styled so impeccably. There are colour samples galore and it is far easier to see your visions come to life with the amount of samples available to pick up, move around and play with.

The biggest difference between Hopetoun and the new World of Style showroom is the scale of things on display. It’s no longer looking at 6 bricks glued to a tile. You get to see your chosen brickwork all built up. Look….

Our bricks – Access Chestnut Category 1 with Off-White mortar upgrade

The paint colours are displayed beautifully and you get to see just how many choices you have. You can compare and decide without having to flick through brochure upon brochure. Far more interactive and definitely a much better experience for first timers like us who can be overwhelmed by just how much there is to choose.

Having Birk blinds there with a far bigger display than they previously had allowed us to see what we had chosen close up and play around with fabrics and colours that matched our paint & carpets & tiles. Very easy! For us, Hard Romans were the winner. Durable, kid friendly, cost effective and far less daggy than drapes. (Sorry drape lovers – they’re just not our thing!)

But the piece de resistance…. ELECTRICAL! Well played, Porter Davis. Well played indeed. We’ve gone from having a lovely big TV room to a full cinema room complete with built in surround and second zone speakers built into the Alfresco. Yep…. Friday night pizzas and movies at our place will be the done thing. Now I just need to work on securing one of these to make the vision complete…..

Every good Italian house needs one of these, right?

So to those of you about to experience your selections at the new showroom, consider yourselves very lucky! It’s an incredible experience (albeit one that can have a blowout effect on your budget if you aren’t careful!) And when you’re done, enjoy an excellent coffee and yummy lunch at Cafe 410 like we did.

Job well done, Porter Davis.

This post was originally published on Our Sandarah 40. It has been republished here with permission.

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