Jawad Asks: Could you please advise if any of your displays have Austral Access Parchment bricks? Also, how many Bolero flooring colors do you have on display and where?

Hi Jawad,

Thank you for both of your colour queries.

Firstly, Austral Access Parchment bricks can be found at the Dunedin31 display at Essence Estate in Bacchus Marsh.

We also have the below Bolero flooring on display:
Dusty Rock - Dunedin29 Ambrosia Estate
Cardiff18 Norlane Estate

Rustic Coffee- Hoffman39 Berwick Waters
Livingstone21 Aspire Estate

Rustic Stone Montague 21 Aston Estate

I hope this information is useful to you when deciding on your own colour selctions.

Regards, Joanne.