Time now to plant your summer garden

Spring has nearly come to pass and if you thought you’d missed the window of opportunity to get your green thumb on, think again! Plantmark are here to explain that it’s not too late to plant some summer-loving herbs, fruits and vegetables!

The experts at Plantmark know how to keep a garden looking good year round and if you’re excited to plant an edible garden but thought you’d missed the prime spring planting window, take advantage of these tips from Plantmark to get your garden on the grow.

Summer survival guide for your garden:

  • Summer gardens need mulch as it keeps soil cool and protects it from drying out. It also improves soil structure by increasing water retention, soil nutrients and worm activity

  • Plant drought-friendly trees and shrubs to limit water usage, but remember that you’ll need lots of water to establish trees and plants

  • Apply a Soil Wetting Agent to lawns and gardens to improve water absorption

  • Summer plants benefit from a monthly feed with a good fertiliser. Use an All Purpose Fertiliser or a Specialist Fertiliser (eg rose, citrus, native etc). For the best results, it’s really important to follow the specific product directions when applying to your plants

  • Water your garden well and do it at the most effective times, which is before 9am and after 8pm. Avoid watering in the heat of the day.

Plantmark have a great selection of trees and shrubs, mulch and water saving products to help you achieve the best results in your garden this Summer.

Plants that can survive and thrive during summer:

HERBS – basil, chives, coriander, mint, oregano, parsley and tarragon.

FRUIT & VEGETABLES – beans, beetroot, broccoli, capsicum, carrot, cauliflower, celery, chilli, cucumber, leek, lettuce, pumpkin, radish, silver beet, spring onion, sweet corn, sweet potato, tomatoes and zucchini.

Most of these herbs, fruits and vegetables taste great in summer recipes and salads too – so what’s stopping you?

Plantmark also have plenty of fact sheets available online if you’re looking for specific advice, or you can give them a call on 1300 787 401 or alternatively head to one of their stores near you!

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