Embrace a 7 Star lifestyle

A 5 Star hotel is luxurious, stunning and inviting, a 6 Star hotel is rare (and expensive) but did you know you could live a 7 Star lifestyle in your very own home?

Ok, hotel stars and energy rating stars are different grading systems for different purposes but the reality is that while a highly graded hotel offers a fleeting lifestyle moment, an investment into a 7 Star home will provide year round comfort and ongoing savings.

We are proud to release our first ever dedicated 7 Star home designs in our Smart Living range, with four options available including the Vienna H 19 & 21 and the Kingscliff H 14 & 16.
These designs have been specifically tailored to attain the enviable 7 Star status, which goes above and beyond the current industry standard of energy rating required in new homes. These house and land packages come complete with features like Hebel, double glazing and additional insulation to ensure that the higher energy rating is achieved and sustained.

According to Realestate.com.au, living in a 7 Star home makes a lot of sense if you’re looking to reduce household electricity heating and cooling costs, as well as adding lasting value to your property.

So if you’re environmentally or economically conscious or just like to stay climate comfortable year round, you’ll appreciate all that a 7 Star energy rated home has to offer with the ability to assist in keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler during summer.

Have you considered the benefits of a 7 Star home? What appeals to you about it?

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