Katie Asks: I would like to know if there are any displays that have Spotted Gum laminate flooring, and also the flooring used in the Kew 28, Berwick Waters?

Hi Katie,

Thank you for your enquiry the below display homes have spotted gum flooring:
Flooring Range- Manhattan
North- Mernda/ Mernda Villages Estate – Access – Livingstone 24
West-Melton/Atherstone Estate- Access- Montague 21
Please note that Unique Timber Flooring now offer a new textured finish to the entire Manhattan range. There is no change to the colour palette, however, they are discontinuing the smooth finish product that you will see in the displays. Our World of Style showroom will have the new finish in display for your selection appointment.
The flooring used in the Kew In Berwick Waters is:
Unique Timber Flooring- Artesan Collection- Mist
I hope this information helps you to decide on your flooring.