Feel the love this Valentine’s Day with a more relaxing Snooze

With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, it can be a timely reminder to look at what’s working for you in the bedroom, and what isn’t – particularly in terms of beds, pillows and mattresses. 

If you’re feeling a little restless in the bedroom, it’s time to take a look at your sleeping arrangements so we’ve asked PD Rewards Partner, Snooze, to fill us in.

Falling into bed at the end of a long day can be sheer bliss for those who have a comfortable bed, but for those who don’t, only long, restless nights might follow those long days.

Bed down with the basics:

  • If your mattress is bumpy, lumpy or you roll to the middle or one side, it might be time to consider a new mattress

  • The industry recommendation is to replace your mattress every 7 – 10 years

  • Always use a mattress protector and pillow protector, to help improve their longevity

  • Buying a new bed often happens at a milestone, which for many couples is moving in together, getting engaged or married, having children or even Valentine’s Day!

  • Remember choosing a bed isn’t just about the mattress and bed frame, you also need to consider the bedroom furniture, headboard, (timber or upholstered), stain or fabric, base (with or without storage), legs and size

  • Take your bedroom measurements with you when you go bed shopping so you can make selections appropriate to the size of your bedroom

  • Your bed is just one element of a comfy sleep – bedding and pillows are the other major factors and with a myriad of pillow fills available, from fibre, microfibre and goose down to latex, memory foam and gel, as well as a range of different profiles and heights, a ‘see, touch, feel and experience’ approach usually works best. So head to your local Snooze store for some pillow play.

If you and your partner can’t decide on a preferred mattress, the good people at Snooze understand. They know that many couples have different preferences and expectations when it comes to how they like their mattress to feel. Snooze offers the My SideTM mattress range, which lets each person choose the Feel they’d like on their side of the mattress, from Ultra Plush, Plush, Medium and Firm.

Set the bed scene:

  • Use a quilt or quilt cover one size larger than your actual bed, so your bed looks luxurious and inviting. For example, use a king size quilt cover on a queen size bed to replicate one of Snooze’s professional styling tricks!

  • For the ultimate crease-free quilt cover, Snooze recommends carefully steaming quilt covers with a handheld steamer after each wash.

  • Do you have European pillows? These square, oversized pillows are a great way to style up a bed, plus you can lean back on them if you like to read in bed, or want to enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day!

For great sleep tips and to view a fantastic range of products including beds, bedroom furniture, kids’ beds, mattresses and bedding, view the Snooze website. It’s amazing what a little Snooze can do!

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