Interview: Steve Cordony

In just a few short weeks, we will begin our first Masterclass for 2017 with the ever-stylish Steve Cordony, stylist-at-large for Belle Magazine.

We caught up with Steve before his talk at World of Style on the 25th of February to speak about colour, trends and finding a timeless style for our homes.

You are known for creating beautiful spaces for editorial shoots and events, how do you begin the process of conceptualising an interior for your projects?

No matter what project I am working on, I always start with what I call a "project look-book". It is basically a visual reference that incorporates images and products ranging from interiors, fashion and art etc. that gives an idea of the look and feel of what the space, event or photo-shoot will look like. During the design process I constantly reference the look book to make sure I’m on the right track from the initial concept.

Steve Cordony World of Style Masterclass 2017

Would you consider your style more Classic, Contemporary, Designer or Resort and why?

Funnily enough, my style has elements of all four themes. I sum up my style as “modern luxe”. I love referencing classic shapes and eras, especially the fifties and sixties, and working them into contemporary and designer spaces. The contrast between old and new is what makes a space interesting and creates layers. My style also incorporates a resort, classic American feel with raw textures and palm leaf wallpaper graphics.

Steve Cordony World of Style Masterclass 2017

What are some of the key elements to creating a timeless room?

Colour is a key element in creating a space that is timeless and defies trends. A neutral or monochromatic scheme allows you play with textures and shape without creating a trend driven interior. Working with contrasting materials allows you to create interest within a monochromatic scheme but keeps the eye engaged. Raw timber, linen, velvet, marble and brass are materials that represent a timeless aesthetic. 

Steve Cordony World of Style Masterclass 2017

Greenery has been announced as the Pantone colour of 2017. How would you advise clients to incorporate Pantone colours of the year, or any colour into their interiors?

Green is one of the colours that I put in the "neutral" category as you can incorporate any tone or shade of green into an interior without changing the whole look of a space. Adding elements such as indoor plants, succulents, cushions, objects and books are simple touch points to add to the overall layering effect.

Steve Cordony World of Style Masterclass 2017

What are three quick tips that you think Porter Davis clients should know for styling their new home?

I always tell new clients to source five images from Pinterest or instagram and find a common thread for the overall look. From there, create your own “look-book” and source elements that work with your overall look idea. If you are unsure of colour, keep all of your hero elements in a neutral scheme I.e. sofas, rugs, accent furniture pieces. From there, accent with metallics and a single accent colour. Your space should always feel like a home, so using items from your travels, or that tell a story or share a memory should always be embraced. Think about displaying these elements on trays or under glass cloches.

Steve Cordony World of Style Masterclass 2017

What are the key features a Designer interior should have for longevity?

Authenticity is a key element in creating a timeless interior. Your space should represent the people and personalities of those who live there. Being conscious to edit your space is also important in creating a look that is cohesive and well considered. Layering and looking at fine details is key.

Steve Cordony World of Style Masterclass 2017

What do you love most about Melbourne?

I love the vibrant diversity of Melbourne and discovering new and interesting designers and stores. It reminds me so much of New York which is where I get a lot of my inspiration. And then there’s the food…!

Steve Cordony is the first tastemakers in our World of Style Masterclass Series for 2017. Final tickets are now selling for his talk on how to create timeless interiors on Saturday 25th February at World of Style - all ticket proceeds are donated to Kids Under Cover. Visit for more information.

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