Explore Classic Sophistication with the New Lake Como World of Style

Inspired by the luxury escape of George and Amal Clooney, the Lake Como World of Style brings his sophistication and masculinity to the Classic category, in honour of one of the world’s most stylish men.

Style Relaunch

The designers have used a palette of white and grey, with accents of ocean blues, charcoal and dusty sage to create the masculine undertone and set an elusive mood for the interior.

WOS New Styles

Combining this with vintage aged leather furniture, brass and marble accents, natural stone tiles, natural textured fabrics and matte black fittings, Lake Como presents an updated design that keeps the history of this aspirational destination alive.

WOS New Styles

Oversized windows and doors assist natural light to flood the space, keeping it warm, inviting and reminiscent of the exotic European escape.

WOS New Styles

Visit the Tullamore Estate in Doncaster to experience the Clooney allure for yourself!

Are you suited to the popular classic and resort themes? Or perhaps have more a more modern designer or contemporary aesthetic? Take our World of Style quiz or visit the showroom today to find your style.

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