World of Style Presents: In Conversation with Karen Martini

The heart of the home is undeniably the kitchen.

On any occasion, the kitchen transforms into a hub of activity; hosting daily rituals such as brewing a morning coffee or making school lunches, or for friends and family to congregate whilst the chef is hard at work. Modern homes are built around creating a meaningful and practical food experience, mixing polished design choices with the latest technology and style.

World of Style by Porter Davis welcomed celebrity TV chef Karen Martini into the showroom kitchen to host a one-off Masterclass to share inspiring cooking tips and two signature recipes for avid fans.

Having recently undergone a renovation, we sat down with Karen to take the World of Style Quiz and discuss some of her key ingredients to kitchen design.

Karen Martini’s Kitchen design tips

On location:

“Think about where the kitchen is in your home and consider how the design of the home flows to your kitchen. It is important to imagine yourself in a space where one feels relaxed with food and inspired.”

Astor Grange 54- Classic Kitchen Dining Design

On bench height and depth:

“I recommend that the bench height is higher than standard, it helps avoid crouching and back pain, especially when chopping ingredients and washing dishes.”

“The depth of the bench is highly important, to allow space for often messy and fun cooking preparation.”

Dunedin 31 Kitchen 3- Contemporary Design

On lighting:

“Lighting position in the kitchen is crucial. When designing a lighting plan, the globes must not be positioned from behind as your body will cast a shadow over your work space.”

Waldorf - Contemporary Kitchen

On appliances:

“Eventuation and extractors are becoming a key design factor in the kitchen. Make sure the height of the appliance caters for all heights within your family. Consider the position of your fridge and which way the door opens, too. Think about where you position your dish washer and where your cutlery lives in the kitchen, and keep them close together for convenience.”

“When designing your kitchen, don’t just think about how it looks, consider functionality and practicality. All three of those elements will be the key to a great kitchen in your home.”

Vancouver - Designer Kitchen

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