World of Style Presents: In Conversation with Jason Grant

Our best conversations are those around the dinner table.

Far more than just a place to eat your meals, the dining table is the place in a home where loved ones gather. It’s where good food is consumed, stories are shared and memories are made. A great dinner table complements the delicious food and engaging conversation being served up, and enhances the entire dining experience for you and your guests.

World of Style by Porter Davis welcomed interior designer and author Jason Grant into the showroom to host a Masterclass to share his top tips on styling a dining table and a home, to reflect your individual style.  

We sat down with Jason to take the World of Style Quiz World of Style Quiz - we discovered his style was Contemporary - and discuss home styling tips and advice.

Jason Grant’s interior styling tips

On his personal style:

“I like to describe my style as feel-good style. I think it’s really important to create spaces that just make you smile. It’s about those moments that make you enjoy the space you live in.

“World of Style has 36 ‘destination styles’ that are set to inspire you. I love to travel always gravitate towards places like LA and Hollywood Hills. I think the styles of Bondi, Byron, Sydney. To me, they have an easy style and a light that works together in my relaxed style.”

On styling your home:

“I think it’s important to tie a room together but I’m not a fan of everything necessarily matching. Sometimes these days things are a little over-styled and over-considered. I think it’s really important to keep things a bit more organic and natural; your art doesn’t need to match your napkins and your shoes.”

“I think it’s really important to create a home as opposed to a house, and a space that you want to live in. We spend a lot of time in our homes and that should be your sanctuary and a place where you want to hang out.”

On using colour in your home:

“A really good way of adding personality and interest to your room is injecting colour, whether it’s on the walls or with objects or furniture. It’s kind of exciting to step outside of the world of beige and inject colour into your life and into your space.”

On tablescapes:

“One of my favourite things to do at home is to entertain and to create a beautiful table for guests, and I guess it’s a really great way of expressing your style. Creating interesting tablescape is a really fun thing to do.”


“The secret of a great tablescape for me is adding lots of layers in different heights and different shapes. Not everything needs to match.”

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