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OK, so that creaking sound is me stepping up on to my soapbox. Interior style is something about which I feel very passionate. To be honest it’s a wonderful thing that – thanks to social media, the proliferation of blogs and websites and shows like The Block, Love It or List It Australia and Selling Houses Australia – we are all so inspired and enthused about our homes, but do you know what? We have never been so confused either, or more in need of advice. There’s just so much information out there.

I guess it’s inevitable that after working for so many years as a magazine editor (not to mention almost a decade as a reality TV judge), I tend to do just that – edit. Yes, no, yes, no. My training has given me the ability – and the confidence – to know my style and how it works. But I also realise that for many of us, it’s not quite so easy to work out if we’re classic or contemporary, designer or resort, or maybe a blend of all four. And by the time we’ve thrown in terms like ‘Scandi’, ‘industrial’, ‘Hamptons’, ‘mid-century’, ‘Deco’, ‘coastal’ (is that the same as a beach house?) and ‘Hollywood Regency’, is it any wonder we’re confused?

For me, underpinning everything is my belief that a home is a very personal statement of who we are and how we live. In my career I’ve probably seen thousands of homes from all over the world (in photographs at least), and the ones that really stick in my mind are those that are the most individual, those that really tell the story of the lives lived within. And surprisingly perhaps, my advice is often to ignore trends. It’s always interesting to know what’s on trend, but seriously, if the trend colour is green (it is) and the fabric of the moment velvet (ditto) then by all means go for it if you love green velvet. If you don’t, then walk away. I always urge people to choose things they love, things that bring pleasure when they wake up to them each day.

But a little good advice goes a long way. In Australia there are definitely styles that work beautifully with our climate, our amazing light and our way of life. It’s useful to understand that there are no rules as such, but just like the foundations of a house, establishing the building blocks of your look (do I like colour, pattern and texture? Or do I prefer simple, clean, modern lines?) allows you to then add the layers of detail and personality that will ultimately become your individual look. And Porter Davis World of Style is there to help you at every step of the way.

The team at World of Style can guide and inspire when you decide to go down the exciting path of designing or redesigning your home. 

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