World of Style Presents: In Conversation with Peter Walsh

Having a tidy home can mean something very different to each person. When it comes to the concept of getting organised or decluttering we often feel so overwhelmed that we avoid it altogether and our idea of a tidy home becomes clouded.

World of Style regularly invites experts in all areas of the home to talk about how to live a fulfilled life through your home.

Recently we were joined by organisational expert, television personality and author of numerous New York Times best-sellers, Peter Walsh, who sat down with us to discuss the best decluttering hacks and how easy they are to implement into your home - no matter the amount of ‘stuff’ you have.

On helping people to re-evaluate the stuff in their homes

“There are just two things I help people with their clutter. The first one is a helping hand and the second is a mirror.”

“The mirror reflects back to them what is happening in their lives. If you can be very clear on helping people see why they struggle with stuff or why stuff has become unbalanced in their lives then I find you can really help them lead their way out of it.”

On the roles that your possessions have in your lives

The tip Peter offered here was “How you can use the things you own to create the best possible life?” It is about creating the vision we have for our best life.

“It’s really easy to get caught up in this whole idea that more is better.” 

“With less often comes more peace, less to take care of, less to dust, less to pay off and a deeper level of enjoyment.”

On World of Style

“It’s very hard to find one location where you can see all the wonderful finishes in one spot.”

“At World of Style you get to explore all the different options you have in designing, creating and building a home you absolutely dream of.”

“The staff are ridiculously helpful,and they actually love their job and love helping you create that vision as well.”

When you decide to go down the exciting path of designing or redesigning your home, the team at World of Style can guide and inspire you.

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