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The shores of Lake Como exude an understated elegance and a touch of exclusivity. La Dolce Vita comes alive in sunlit rooms where timeless style is given a contemporary aesthetic. With masculine undertones and all the charm and sophistication of George Clooney, this relaxed yet opulent style is enough to make anyone feel like a film star.

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Heritage Boulevard, Doncaster

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49Waldorf Grange

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Long Beach Split Level

Lake Como

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Champagne France

This stunning look is found through the beautiful homesteads of Champagne. A more refined look to that of Bordeaux, it showcases the refined classic French feel. A neutral palette featuring warm blues, lavender and forest greens.

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This is the summer retreat for the rich and famous. It is more classic and sophisticated than it seems. Linen sofas, a mix of light oak timbers with accented white furniture, in and out.

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