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The fashion capital of the world; this impressive eye catching design features stunning architectural elements with detailed skirting and architraves, ceiling roses and cornices along with a hint of designer features with dark timbers and chrome, blended with stone, grey and black fabrics mixed with leathers that create a strong base palette. The layering then begins with large gallery pieces of artwork with a vintage edge, alongside injections of yellow, graphic influenced cushions and rich wallpapers that make up this designer style.

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Fifth Avenue

The iconic breakfast at Tiffany’s is the perfect summary of this style. It oozes class. Stunning furniture pieces featuring dark timbers and black, stone and grey fabrics, luxurious in feel, adorn the sofas.

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Embrace London’s underground mixed with the stylish streets of central London. Rich tones and textures give a cool backdrop to stylish furniture. A mixture of chrome, glass, wrought iron and timber build this style.

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